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FMPro newbie having a checkbox/boolean issue

Question asked by RickySwift on Jun 11, 2013
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FMPro newbie having a checkbox/boolean issue


     Hi, I'm new around here, just downloaded latest FM Pro demo (Mac) with a view to converting a Bento database for a client.

     Imported Bento data basically OK (single table) but the issue is this.

     Boolean field in Bento displayed as a checkbox. In FM it's a numeric field with a 1 or 0. I'm fine with the logic there but I want to tell the system "display this 1 or 0 as a checkbox, checked for 1 or unchecked for 0".

     I would even settle for a drop-down or popup with "Yes" and "No". But the table seems to want to hang on to the 1s or 0s regardless how I format the layout, and not show me the value in any way.

     I have tried creating a checkbox set (TWO checkboxes to display a boolean? Really?) but it wants to get its value list from somewhere. So I set up a Value List with "Yes" and "No" in it (please tell me this is not necessary!), and set the field's Data Formatting to "Boolean" with 'Show non-zeros as "No"' and 'Show zeros as "Yes"'.  This did not work, both checkboxes stayed unchecked for all records.  So I tried using a Drop-down list and a Popup menu, both failed in similar ways. The drop-down was interesting; it allowed me to choose Yes or No, which it faithfully reproduced when I revisted the same record, but all other records displayed blank, whether 1 or 0. If I look in Table mode I see a column of all 1s and 0s except one value "Yes".  I understand that one may type "Yes" or "No" into a boolean field in FM and it translates to a 1 or 0 underneath, but this means it shoudl surely translate the other way too, and it isn't.

     I must be missing something, because it can not possibly be this tricky to achieve something so fundamentally simple as "Represent this boolean value with a checkbox".

     Any assistance gratefully received.

     Ricky Swift