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FMPro v. 10+: Using Touch Screen

Question asked by peteajr on Apr 19, 2010
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FMPro v. 10+: Using Touch Screen


In order to collect cleaner data from our student users we are hoping to eliminate (as much as possible) the use of a keyboard and switch to a touch screen.  This will be new to me.

Can anyone describe the steps and hardware needed to begin my research into converting to touch screen technology? Perhaps point me in the right direction for more information.

Currently the dbs we use are on Mac FMSA 10.x and the data is collected on Macs running FMP10.x

We will also be using a magnetic card reader to get the student ID into the first field in a new record.

In our most simple request for service dbs, the student will then be presented with onscreen choices in the form of buttons: radio and checkbox choices, pulldown menus, etc.,  and a submit button. 


Can this be fairly easily accomplished?  I've seen some references to onscreen keyboards as well which could be helpful too.

Thanks in advance!