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    FMPro v9, Touch Screen Monitor



      FMPro v9, Touch Screen Monitor


      Hello, I'm researching if a touch screen can be used with FMPro v9 on a Mac running OS X 10.5. An ELO touch screen is supported by OS X, however, the ELO sales rep said that FileMakler Pro must also support the touch screen in order for a onscreen keyboard to appear on the touch screen for data entry (name, address, zip, etc.).


      Is anyone currently using a touch screen only (no keyboard and mouse) with a Mac and FMPro v9? This will be used for data entry only in a public setting where no keyboard and mouse can be used. I was hoping someone could click on a FMPro field and an onscreen keyboard appears where thy can enter data.


      Is this even possible with OS X, let alone FMPro v9?



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          Thank you for your post.


          FileMaker expects data entry with some type of keyboard device.  If the touch screen has a keyboard utility that acts like a keyboard device, then it theoretically should work.  Unfortunately, I have not used a Touch Screen product with FileMaker Pro, but there are users who have used a Tablet PC with FileMaker Pro.  Still, there must be some recognition of a keyboard device to enter data.


          Please keep us posted!  If you are able to get this to work, the information would be invaluable for those attempting to use a Touch Screen program.



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               I've thought about downloading the FMPro 30-day trial along with ordering a touch screen from CDW. I can return it if it doesn't work as planned. At this point, that seems to be the only solution for testing.
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              You may want to make sure you can install the touch screen hardware and software before installing the 30-day trial version of FileMaker Pro.  One user had the 30-day trial version expire before they were able to obtain a backlogged item.  Hopefully, in the mean time, someone else will chime in with information that may help everyone.



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                I have used a touch screen on Windows with Filemaker on a cash register solution and it works very well.


                On Mac you would have to have a touch screen that provides click input to the OS, it seems from your post that you have found that.

                In general you would need to make Filemaker buttons for the keys you wish to use.

                I am not aware of any virtual keyboard solutions for Mac, but they may very well exist.


                In the cash register solution we only needed product buttons in portals as well as a static numeric keypad + some others so it was managable within Filemaker.


                If you plan to use a full QWERTY keyboard it still can be done entirely within Filemaker, but it would require one button for each character/function.

                You can use a generic script that accepts the character as a script parameter and then performs the appropriate action. 

                You could use a Tab control to show and hide the keyboard. 

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                  I worked a bit with this software on OS9 several years ago. Worked okay.


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                    Now that is a neat product.


                    It could be the perfect match for a keyboardless kiosk solution. 

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                      Thanks for the info. It sounds like an ELO touch screen would work, but in FMPro I must create a button for each keyboard key. This probably won't work as I envisioned then since these screens will be used for entering a name, address and zip, among other info. Not ever using a touch screen before, I was under the impression that they could easily be used in place of a keyboard and mouse. But thinking it through based on this thread, getting the keyboard to appear on screen is the main problem.


                      It almost sounds like a third party System Preference that places a floating keyboard on the screen is the ideal solution.

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                        I can't swear to OS X, but we've got cops out in police cars on Panasonic ToughBooks over Terminal Services via cellular (lot of words there!) and the touchscreens work great. The cops love the freaking things. We've also fired up the ToughBooks as direct FM clients in the station and worked the touchscreen stuff as well - Filemaker just "gets it". One police department client is buying two 22" touchscreen monitors now for their dispatch center so the dispatchers can run their PolicePro screens with touch as well.


                        I actually found that this works by accident - one of the cops was sitting in a corner tapping away on a ToughBook with a pen and PolicePro was responding. I had not realized at the time that their laptops even had the touch screens.




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                          Thanks for everyone's input. Just from this discussion, this should work. However, I think I can do "real" testing with the free trial of FMPro, the free trial of the onscreen keyboard (http://www.assistiveware.com/keystrokes.php) and the ELO touch screen from CDW.


                          I'm helping a friend with a startup business, and I'm the tech researcher now (ha ha). Hopefully, he's ready to actually do some testing.


                          I'll append this thread if, and when, I get to buy the touch screen.

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                               Bob, I've never used an ELO touch screen, but I have used a touch screen add-on called "Magic Touch" by KeyTec with our Filemaker POS solution.  It fits right on the front of a regular monitor, either a CRT or a flat screen, and is reasonably priced--especially if you're just testing! 
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                              im new with touch screen,


                              i have problem to use the monitor ELO 1547L wth OSX  mac intel 10.5 


                              is there a driver to make it work?

                               i tried from the official website to download one but seems not working..


                              thanks everybody :)



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                                The person I was researching a touch screen option for has been thinking of other options. Therefore, he hasn't purchased anything yet, not even one screen for testing. All I know is that when I spoke to a rep at ELO, he said that their ELO Touch Screens were OS X compatible. I don't fully believe that until personal testing comes into play.

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                                  I use the Elo touchscreen with a .fp7 time clock on mac mini os x 10.4.

                                  I also have a old g4 tower with a Elo touchscreen and same fmp time clock. 


                                  Works well after multiple attempts to get Elo software to load correctly.  Seems like most problems were after restart when no keyboard / mouse were attached to computer.  Turn off bluetooth.  Check Elo website for updates of Elo mac os x software drivers.


                                  Any soul who can use a regular punch time clock can use the touch screen and it is fun. Seems quicker than using mouse.


                                  There is no reason FMP would have any problems because the computer responds to the touchscreen just as it were a mouse, no special setup is necessary for FMP.


                                  I think you need FMP Advanced to make it in Kiosk mode so that there is limited user input.  We don't have the Advanced so we just covered the menu bar at the top of the screen with a small wood cap - its a countertop company.



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                                    A couple years ago I created a kiosk solution using FMP 9, running on a Mac Mini, and displaying on an ELO touchscreen.  It has been operating 24/7 without any major problems, other than some graffiti jerk who etched the screen.  It is in a public location.  I included a data entry screen which allows administrator access by entering a password on a simulated numeric touchpad.  I was able to avoid a qwerty-type simulated keyboard because my application does not require users to enter any extensive information.  User data entry is via done through various buttons that trigger scripted responses from the application.


                                    I'd like to share some other ideas on kiosk design if you have the time or interest to do so.