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FMPro v9, Touch Screen Monitor

Question asked by bobjohnston on Oct 13, 2008
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FMPro v9, Touch Screen Monitor


Hello, I'm researching if a touch screen can be used with FMPro v9 on a Mac running OS X 10.5. An ELO touch screen is supported by OS X, however, the ELO sales rep said that FileMakler Pro must also support the touch screen in order for a onscreen keyboard to appear on the touch screen for data entry (name, address, zip, etc.).


Is anyone currently using a touch screen only (no keyboard and mouse) with a Mac and FMPro v9? This will be used for data entry only in a public setting where no keyboard and mouse can be used. I was hoping someone could click on a FMPro field and an onscreen keyboard appears where thy can enter data.


Is this even possible with OS X, let alone FMPro v9?