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FMPro won't open files

Question asked by dmartinez on Oct 5, 2009
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FMPro won't open files


I've been using FMPro 2.0 for years.  Until last week, I'd click on my billing files and FMPro would open them.  Now when I click, the FMPro title box appears and freezes.  I cannot access my data.  I have Windows XP Home Edition.  I tried to restore the system to a previous date that worked, but the message says Restoration Incomplete--Your computer cannot be restored to Tuesday, September 01, 2009.  I tried using my FMPro floppies to reinstall FMPro, but I still can't open the files.  I tried to uninstall FMPro but it is not listed under the Programs in Change or Delete Programs.  It is listed in All Programs. 

Any suggestions on anything else I can try?  My computer expert is unavailable till the end of the week.   Thank you.