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FMPro9 - Export to excel error

Question asked by mickm on Mar 5, 2009
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FMPro9 - Export to excel error


Hi, I'm completely new to this forum  and have recently come over to FM from Access. it's a fantastic program however I'm experiencing difficulties getting data out of FM into excel. When I try file/export record to export to an excel document, I get the error:


".....(filename)....." could not be created on this disk. Use a different name, make more room on the disk, unlock it or use a different disk"


Suffice to say there are no space issues. I can export as a  text file, which is ok as a workaround, but it would save a lot of time/effort if I could make it open my data directly in excel. I couldn't find any similar threads on this issue.


I assume it is a simple error on my part and so I would greatly appreciate it if someone could enlighten me about how  to make this work. I assume many people need to export to excel for data sharing, doing stats, using GIS etc.


I'm also having troubles with ODBC (in that I can't access FMP from excel). I don't want to confuse the issues by going into detail here, but might it be a related problem?