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    FMPro9 - Export to excel error



      FMPro9 - Export to excel error


      Hi, I'm completely new to this forum  and have recently come over to FM from Access. it's a fantastic program however I'm experiencing difficulties getting data out of FM into excel. When I try file/export record to export to an excel document, I get the error:


      ".....(filename)....." could not be created on this disk. Use a different name, make more room on the disk, unlock it or use a different disk"


      Suffice to say there are no space issues. I can export as a  text file, which is ok as a workaround, but it would save a lot of time/effort if I could make it open my data directly in excel. I couldn't find any similar threads on this issue.


      I assume it is a simple error on my part and so I would greatly appreciate it if someone could enlighten me about how  to make this work. I assume many people need to export to excel for data sharing, doing stats, using GIS etc.


      I'm also having troubles with ODBC (in that I can't access FMP from excel). I don't want to confuse the issues by going into detail here, but might it be a related problem?



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          Try: File/Save/Send Records As Excel

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            I have had several users get this same error in 2 situations.  1) if they are trying to save to an excel file with the same name that is open or in use. 2) sometimes get that message (not situation 1) but they continue on with the script and their excel file is exported just fine.  Using the same script, I have not been able to duplicate the error on my mechine.  You may want to check permissions if you are on a windows network. I have found no real resolution to this error in situation 2.... I'm still working on it... but try continuing on with your script and see if you get the same results we do. 





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              Thank you Ray that solution worked. It exports perfectly usng the save/send records as option. I don't understand why this would work while the "export records" option works for everything but excel files. I wonder if it has something to do with excel rather than FM.


              Kitty thanks for your suggestion. Fortunately this was a simple fix!