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FMPro9 Mail script crashing in OS X 10.5.5

Question asked by ChrisH on Nov 18, 2008
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FMPro9 Mail script crashing in OS X 10.5.5


We have recently upgraded to FMPro 9, running under Mac OS 10.5.5 on an Intel iMac with 4Gig of RAM. We have a database of members and an email script that gathers the email addresses of the members and puts them into the BCC field of a single email to send out newsletters and announcements. I am using Mac's<p><p>This script used to work perfectly but since the upgrade to version 9 it is crashing filemaker when the number of records in the found set is large. It works ok on a small number (there are about 1200 records in the DB, it works when the found set is up to about 100, but when it is 900+ it crashes filemaker). When I run the script the Mail app is foregrounded, but then nothing happens and I soon get spinning wheels. Eventually I get the message that Filemaker is not responding. <p><p>Any ideas would be most gratefully received.