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           I save a 'current record' to an fmpsl format on filemaker go but I am unable to open it on filmaker pro.


           The error keeps telling me the db does not exist on filemaker pro. It does exist it is the same one as the filemaker go.


           any ideas?


           thank you

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               Filemaker Go is running on what device?  What version?

               Filemaker Pro is running on what device? OS version?  What FMP version?

               The fmpsl file is on what device? Both? Transferred how?

               Exact wording of error message?

               Open simple Template Database and test with that?

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                 iPad iOS 5

                 iMac 10.7.5

                 FMP 12.0v2

                 Transferred via email/iTunes

                 Database transfers fine between the two devices

                 error msg attached


                 thank you very much


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                   It is not really saying it 'Can't be opened', or it doesn't exist,  it is more explicitly saying it  'Can't be found'.  Can you manually use the FM Pro 'Open...' dialogue and find the sculptures.fmp12 file and open it?  What is the exact path the client uses to open that file?

                   What is the pathname stored in the link?  Presumably the pathname generated by the FMGo link needs to be equally accessible (ie: by exactly the same pathname) to the FM Pro client that you are using to open the link.

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                     I have dragged the file onto the fmp icon on the mac and I have tried file open


                     I can go from pro to go without any issues but not from go to pro


                     Thank you again