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focus problem when creating new record...

Question asked by symbister on Jun 13, 2011
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focus problem when creating new record...


using a mix of FMP 8.5, 9 and 11 served by FMS on macs

I have one file - 'Salon 2011' in which various artworks are sold, with buyer details looked up from a main database 'PICA Main DB'. However, if a particular buyer doesn't exist in the main DB, I'd like the operator to be able to enter their details, then click a button to run a script to add a new record to the second file.

Screenshot of script - this starts a new record in the 'Salon 2011' file, not the 'PICA Main DB' file as desired - why? "picacontax" is table in external file 'PICA Main DB'.

any help appreciated