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Focus Themes - cannot keep solid background

Question asked by JoelCornette on Jan 27, 2013


Focus Themes - cannot keep solid background


     In the previous versions of FM, I could easier set the field in the list view to color and all the fields listed would be that color.  With FM12, the color only changes to the background unless the field has focus -- not much help in custom design.  The CLASSIC mode is useless as it works the same way the other themes do.  

     I did check the properties to make Focus was not turned on  -- seems ok.  

     Anyone know of a way to set color the field in FM12 so it stays that way w/o first going back to FM11? I attached a snapshot of FM11 database where all I had to do was set the field colors.   Seems I need to go back to FM11 for every database design these days as Themes dont seem have flexibility to meet customer requirements. 

     Thanks ...