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    Follow up Flags



      Follow up Flags



      I am trying to create "follow up" flags, or alerts for my data base. I have thought of several ways of creating it but I only want to do it once. I am hopping I can benefit from others experience.


      Currently, I have a table for Work Orders, Estimates, and a Main Menu. What I would like it is to have an alert on the Main Menu showing the user how many records he/she needs for follow up with, also I want to be able to list them out or link them some how. 


      Any Ideas?



      FM 10 (not Advanced) 

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             Can more than one person mark a record for followup at a time?


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            Yes it is possible but very unlikely to have two or more people be in the same file at one time. We are a small company, under 5 people working on FMP.


            But there may be more than one person to be flagged for follow up on the same record.


            Hope this helps. 

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              Well if that is the case then I would recommend that you use a new join table that would just hold the keys for the WorkOrderID and the account name of the user.


              Then you can use a portal to display the related Work Orders assigned to that person. A script can be used to "flag" and remove flag ( add record / delete record in the join table ).

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                Thanks for the help, I will try to work that out. 

                Forgive me for being a beginner, but  what is a "join table" and is there a special way to set it up?

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                     Well a join table is used for many to many records. I assumed that you would have a user table but if you dont, then its not really a join table. Its just a table that stores all the marked records.
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                    This is so old school I hesitate to suggest it.

                    In the old days (ver 4) clients wanted a way to retain found sets and they were not sophisticated enough for finds.


                    A little square box that changes color when you click it, going from white to green to yellow to red to white.... 


                    Field  "MarkOne"  Type Number

                    Intended to have a 0, 1, 2, or 3 entered


                    Field  "MarkColor"  Type Container Global Repeating (four repetitions)

                    First repetition a container with white pasted into field

                    Second repetition a container with green pasted into field

                    Third repetition a container with yellow pasted into field

                    Fourth repetition a container with red pasted into field


                    Field  "MarkOneColor"   Type calcution   Result Container 

                    Case MarkOne [0, MarkColor:Rep1; 1, MarkColor:Rep2; 2, MarkColor:Rep3; 3, MarkColor:Rep4]


                    In a record whether entry or list, the MarkOneColor container field (a little square) has a script attached that will increment MarkOne number field by 1, when 3 goes to zero.

                    It changes from white, green, yellow, red, white, etc which each single click


                    In a list view in the header, or in a Find Layout the attached script would do a find for the current color. (the number in MarkOne) 


                    The fields have no real labels or meanings - could signify anything

                    One such field gives four possiblities

                    Two such fields give 16 possiblities

                    Three give 64 possiblities 


                    I am sure there are more elegant and possibly simpler approaches. This has worked for some clients. 

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                      Thanks, that may work.