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follow-up to "exporting one record from a portal" question

Question asked by DPK on Apr 20, 2009
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follow-up to "exporting one record from a portal" question


  Dear PhilModJunk - Thank you for your answer to AEH's question about how to export one record from a portal.  I work with AEH and we are both trying to solve this export problem. 


I followed your directions.  I defined a new field in our main table that returns "yes" and named it "PrimaryKey".  And I created a new relationship linking two pairs of fields: MainTable::ID = EmailTable::ID  AND  MainTable:: PrimaryKey = EmailTable:: Primary. 


The problem is that this relationship did not create a new Table Occurrence.. it only added the new links to the existing relationship box.  Everything hinges on the new relationships creating a new Table Occurrence.  Any ideas?