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    Font - Unwanted Justify



      Font - Unwanted Justify


      I designed a database for a client in FileMaker Pro 8 on a Mac OS 10.4.11.  On 4 computers everything is normal on the 5th, each field makes an attempt at justifying the text. (but not truly justified) It creates strange spacing and while typing the letters jump back and forth.  Also the curser is not showing exactly the point where the next letter is typed. Obviously this is very aggravating.  


      Again, this does not happen in the same file on other computers. Align text is checked for left, justified is not selected anywhere.  I have looked in FileMaker Preferences and the System Preferences on the rogue computer and I have not found a way to resolve this.  


      Thank you for any suggestions!

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          Switch to layout mode.

          Select a layout text object or text field that is showing the weird text.

          Pull down Format | Font

          What font is selected?


          Compare to your other machines where you don't have a problem.

          Try selecting a different font while in layout mode on the "rogue" machine and see if the problem persists.


          It sounds like maybe a font that is installed on the other machines is either not installed on the "rogue" machine or the font file may possibly be corrupted. If you can identify the problem font, you can replace the font file.

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            Thank you for your quick reply!!


            I have multiple layouts using Arial and Trebuchet, both show the same issue with the justify and spacing problem.   I use Arial as it is most standard between platforms and Trebuchet is essential to client as all their reports use this font and used extensively on this computer.  


            I experimented with changing the font with several different fonts, some resolved the problem! (but they do not want to use Baskerville) some exaggerated the problem.  So this really suggests its an issue with the fonts.  As I need to use Trebuchet - is there a way I can reistall this font to correct this problem?



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              I'd try copying the font file from a computer where you don't have this problem to your problem computer and see if this helps or not. I haven't used a Mac in quite some time, but maybe another forum poster can chime in with were/how to copy the font file from one Mac to another.


              From your description, I'm not sure it's the font file or how filemaker uses those fonts that's the problem. You could also try trashing the preferences file for filemaker.

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                Thank you for your posts.


                My initial thought is that you have corrupt fonts on that one machine, since you mentioned that it works find for some fonts.  I would reinstall the fonts from your Mac OS System CD.


                If this doesn't work, then there may be something wrong with your System and how it is reading the fonts.  At that point, a reinstall of your Mac OS should take care of the problem.



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