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Font Color Settings in Script

Question asked by ValerieFusco on Oct 21, 2010


Font Color Settings in Script


I am migrating from Filemaker 7 to Filemaker 11, and am having a problem with a script that opens Word and copies information from Filemaker to Word. The script works, but the information is written to Word in a white font. If I select all text and change the font color I can read it. In Filemaker 7 the script wrote the text in black (as expected). Has anyone seen this happen? Is there a setting that should be specified in the script in order to make it work properly? Here's the script:

Send Event ["aevt";"odoc";"winword"]

Pause/Resume Script [Duration(seconds): Time(0;0;1)]

Copy [Select; Table1::Field1]

Send DDE Execute [Service Name: "winword"; Topic: "system"; Commands:"[EDITPASTE]"]

Go to Field [Select/perform; Table1::Field2]