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Font Corruption / Font Cache File

Question asked by sharmincassady on Dec 17, 2008
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Font Corruption / Font Cache File


I support an FMP User that is having font problems this week (everything OK last week). When he opens up our databases (it's happening on more than 1 dbase), about half of his fonts are defaulting to another font, in a larger size. I'm not sure what the font is... maybe Charcoal. Text on buttons is disappearing because the defaulted text doesn't fit in the button anymore, and his layout is generally a mess. I checked his FMP preferences and didn't see anything wrong (fontlocking is on). I asked him if his fonts in Illustrator, Photoshop, etc. were OK and he said they were fine. His coworker, performing the same functions, in the same dbases and the same platform (Mac), is not having the problem. It appears to be tied to his system fonts or FMP fonts. It has been suggested to me that we remove the font cache file and restart Filemaker, forcing it to rebuild itself. However, I can't find a fonts cache file (if that is the solution). The databases are hosted from a Mac setup as a server, running FileMaker Server Advanced 8.5. Any ideas?