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    Font examples complete



      Font examples complete


      Is there a location, document or website that shows examples of all the Filemaker fonts?

      I would like to see the available fonts as examples with more than just a word. Maybe a line or 2.

      Also, for "symbol" fonts, is there a location that will show every possible character and key to get that symbol?

      I am hoping for a FM file that would have this so that I can store in my main folder for reference. 

      Any help here would be greatly  appreciated.

      I have FMPro Advanced 11.0 v3OS - Windows Vista on desktop, Windows 7 on laptop

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          Filemaker can use the true type fonts installed on your computer so the possible fonts are nearly endless.

          There's no tool that can show all possible characters for a selected font. I myself, often launch MS Word and select Symbol from the Insert menu when I need to search for a special character. I can then copy and paste from Word to FileMaker to enter the symbol. This works as long as I have the same font selected in both applications.