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    Font issues FM Adv 13 Mac



      Font issues FM Adv 13 Mac


           Earlier this week I installed FM13Adv, and upon opening one of my most oft-used files, the file opened fine but about half of the fonts were now italicized when none of them should be.

           Fonts are all installed and I use Font Explorer to control that area.  My main text font is Garamond Premier Pro (it is setup fine in Preferences) and when I select one of the objects incorrectly formatted, the Inspector shows no font selected.  I can change it to display correctly, but I hate the idea of having to change every one manually and I don't see a global command within FM.

           If I reopen the same file in FM12Adv, everything is fine.

           Any ideas as to what might be going on, and maybe a fix?  Thanks.

           OS X Mountain Lion 10.6.8


           J D Thomas

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               Just trying to bump this post up. I'm having the same issue.

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                 Hi Michael L and JD,

                 I wish I could help with your problem, but I have a feeling our issues are related.

                 I installed FM 13 Pro Advanced today and opened our database file (developed in FM Pro Advanced 12) and noticed font issues as well.  I am on Mac OSX 10.8.5.

                 My issues are with the fonts that were styled using the BOLD icon under Inspector / Appearance / Text.  All bold fonts set this way are DOUBLE bold in FM Pro Advanced 13.  There are places where this makes the text too large for the area and it wraps when it shouldn't.  This happens everywhere in the application where I used the bold font style in FM.

                 I have attached screenshots of the areas.  The font itself and the size are unchanged.


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                   Did you try changing the font? My issues were all with the Univers family. I restyled those fields with Lucida Grande, which didn't show the problem.


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                     Well, I gave up on this quite a while ago.  No solutions.  Then I thought about any compelling reason/feature to keep using FM Adv 13, and I came up with zilch.  So I uninstalled it and have been happily back using FM Adv 12.  Personally I think v13 is a complete waste for me.

                     My problem involved one specific typeface in Garamond Premier Pro:  semibold.  Curiously, there are a few other typefaces that are semibold that work fine.  So why this one???  Beats me.   I've been using various interations Garamond for over 20 years thruout my work and this was the first application that upchucked around it.  It was very odd that it was only one typeface.  All other applications on my system fare perfectly, except FM.  GPP is a newish OpenType font and I can't for the life of me figure why FM has an issue with it.  And now, I've just stopped thinking about it.

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                       Hi JD--yes, there's a point that acceptance is the only good path to take.

                       Michael, as far as changing the font I'm hoping not to go there as there are hundreds of fields across several dozen forms that are affected.  I may take JD's path of acceptance and revert to FM 12 before I do that.

                       I might post it on the FM issues board if I don't see it there already.

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                         Certainly did.  But in all my FM databases, there are so many instances of using GPP that it was far too tedious to change them one by one.  And FM has no way to substitute one font for another. A feature that is sorely lacking.