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Font issues FM Adv 13 Mac

Question asked by thomastudios on Jan 31, 2014
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Font issues FM Adv 13 Mac


     Earlier this week I installed FM13Adv, and upon opening one of my most oft-used files, the file opened fine but about half of the fonts were now italicized when none of them should be.

     Fonts are all installed and I use Font Explorer to control that area.  My main text font is Garamond Premier Pro (it is setup fine in Preferences) and when I select one of the objects incorrectly formatted, the Inspector shows no font selected.  I can change it to display correctly, but I hate the idea of having to change every one manually and I don't see a global command within FM.

     If I reopen the same file in FM12Adv, everything is fine.

     Any ideas as to what might be going on, and maybe a fix?  Thanks.

     OS X Mountain Lion 10.6.8


     J D Thomas