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    Font Size Randomly Changing



      Font Size Randomly Changing


           One of our users is complaining about fonts changing randomly while using the database.  It's starting to become a nuisance; when she prints documents the enlarged text flows off the designated areas.  I haven't been able to pin down a particular script that is causing this but is there a way font sizing can be altered without changin the data within the field?  I had a chance to go to her station but I couldn't replicate the error. 

           Any thoughts??? 



           Thanks in advance!!! 

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               I would guess that this is text in a field and that the text in this field has been individually formatted on some records and not others. The most common source of this issue is when users paste formatted text into a field, but you can also use the FileMaker formatting bar to change the font size, color, style, etc as well.

               Any formatting applied directly to the text in a field will supersede any formatting that you specify in layout mode for the field that contains it.

               You have two different issues to solve: Removing this formatting from existing data and preventing it from happening in the future.

               To prevent this, define the following auto-enter calculation:

               TextFormatRemove (Self )

               And clear the "do not replace existing value..." check box.

               To correct it in existing records, you can use this same function with Replace FIeld Contents to strip out the formatting as a one time batch operation.

               Since Replace Field Contents can change the data in every record in your table and cannot be undone, it can be prudent to first make a back up copy of your file before using this menu option.

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                  Phil, Thanks for your help.

                 Thats what I thought...  Oddly enough, this only happens to one user.  Furthermore, when she exits FileMaker and restarts the program the fonts "go back to normal".   

                 Is it possible that some type of font setting on her station could cause this behavior?

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                   Doesn't sound like anything I've heard reported. When she exits and restarts, she might be accessing a different set of records. The only font issue that I know of is on Mac systems where you can have problems with duplicated or damaged font suitcases--but this results in blank layouts rather than random font sizes.

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                     I checked the records the user was viewing and there was no formatting applied to the fields.  Also, the issue is only happening to one user randomly.  She recently had her system swapped and the font change still occurred once or twice through out the day. 

                     I'll have to check with our IS department to see if they can re-install the fonts in the users profile.  I'll post if I resolve the issue...