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    Font size table vs layout



      Font size table vs layout


      Is there a way to have the font size different on a table vs a layout?


      Th 18 or 24 point font is nice on a layout, but not so much on a table. 

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          Are you saying you want the font sizes to change automatically when you switch a layout to table view?


          If so, then no.


          You can, however, duplicate a layout and then customize the font sizes on one layout for form and/or list view and customize the other copy for table view. Then switch layouts when you need to switch views.

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            Actually, anode505, you can change font size while in table view.  But if your form view (layout level formatting) was at 24 pt and you want it 12 pt in table, the row height will not shrink down as well.  If you want to play with it, try conditional formatting (on every field):  Get ( LayoutViewState ) = 2 and set More Formatting font size to 12 pt to play around with it.