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    Font size wont change



      Font size wont change



      I am wondering if someone can help me. What I am trying to do is to create a packing list/delivery address slip from my invoice, everything works fine except the address box will not change font size on my packing slip and yes I have changed the font size setting but it stills keeps it at the original font size on the invoice and I cant see why it wont change size on packing slip. I know I am being lazy and copy/paste address from PayPal to invoice but that way I cant make a mistake on the address but cant see if that makes a differance to the font size on the packing slip.

      Can anyone help me, its been driving me mad.

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          There are two ways to specify font and other text styles in FileMaker. You can select the text itself in a text field and specify a style or you can enter layout mode, select the field and specify a text style. The style applied directly to the text supersedes the text style specified for the entire field. When you copy and paste this text, you are also pasting its style--including the text size and this is keeping you from changing the text size on your labels.

          Here's a fix that will allow you to keep using copy and paste:

          1. Open Manage | Database | Fields and find the field definition for your address field (or fields).
          2. Double click the field definition and select the auto-enter tab.
          3. Select the calculated value option.
          4. Enter this calculation: TextFormatRemove ( self )
          5. Click Ok and also clear the "do not replace existing value..." check box.
          6. Now, when you paste text into this field, the formatting will be automatically removed for you.


          To clean up existing data, you can perform a replace fields operation on this same field, using the same function but replace self with the actual name of the field. (If Replace Field Contents is new to you, make a back up copy of your file first as this function can modify data in every record in your table all in one step.)

          Another option is to just define a calculation field as TextFormatRemove ( AddressField ) and place that field on your labels layout, but I prefer to have such data be "clean" of formatting from the start.

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            Hi Philmodjunk

            Thanks for getting back to me.

            Works a treat. Many Thanks.

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              Thanks a lot. The only thing I couldn't manage was your suggestion in your first bullet, where you say you can select multiple fields. Indeed you can but when double clicking no dialogue box appears. This box does appear however when you select only one field (one line in the box).

              Of course I may be overseeing something.

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                Well, I didn't mean that you could select multiple fields and change them all in one go, just that you may have more than one field to which you need to make this change. You have to select them and change them individually.

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                  Right. Typically a semantic misunderstanding.