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Font styles

Question asked by BillAllman on Jun 15, 2013
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Font styles


     Importing a file from VeriScan Pro HD, first take it into Excel to clean data, zip codes etc, then upload to FM12Pro.

     Problem: text comes from VS all caps, can't convert in Excel, when I change the style in FM on the main screen all is

     well, fields city, state, and zip, when I create a new form and combine the three fields they all revert to orginal format.

     When I change the style to Title case the state reverts to Oh. What I would like to know is there a way to lock the

     style so when you combine the fields  (city & ",  " & state & "  " & zip) they all stay as formatted on the main page,

     ex formats: import CITY change to Title case: City, STATE stays all caps, and zip. Combine fields so you get

     City, STATE, zip?


     Bill Allma