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    Font styles



      Font styles


           Importing a file from VeriScan Pro HD, first take it into Excel to clean data, zip codes etc, then upload to FM12Pro.

           Problem: text comes from VS all caps, can't convert in Excel, when I change the style in FM on the main screen all is

           well, fields city, state, and zip, when I create a new form and combine the three fields they all revert to orginal format.

           When I change the style to Title case the state reverts to Oh. What I would like to know is there a way to lock the

           style so when you combine the fields  (city & ",  " & state & "  " & zip) they all stay as formatted on the main page,

           ex formats: import CITY change to Title case: City, STATE stays all caps, and zip. Combine fields so you get

           City, STATE, zip?


           Bill Allma

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               Nothing like answering your own question, this falls under duh, merge fields instead, and change the format on the individual fields.

               This works because a merged field auto sizes, so when you chain them toegether they fit,

               as in an address for an envelope.

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                 What you are dealing with is the fact that the data exists as upper case characters, not a style applied to the text. You can use tools like replace field contents to change the text in the fields to lower or title case (use the proper function for title case) and then the text will not appear as all upper case on each new layout.