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    Fonts limited to 256. Why?



      Fonts limited to 256. Why?


      I have a problem where I am only being allowed 256 fonts in the fonts pop down list.

      I have configured all of my fonts into the list but after the 256th font I can't see any more.

      If I also go into Preferences and then Fonts and then to the Specify font popdown all of them are there.

      I am running Win7 with the latest version of FMP Advanced.

      Everywhere I look I get the impression that I can have as many fonts as I like. Do I have this wrong?

      Being limited to 256 is making it hard for me to create Literacy sheets for my partner who is a teacher.

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          How many fonts are installed on the system?

          Are you using any font management software? (turns fonts on and off, primarily)

          Are the fonts available in alphabetical order? Meaning the fonts starting with A's and B's are listed but stops at K's?

          If you have more than one user on the system, and you logout and login as a different user, the problem remains?

          I assume that the fonts are visible in other applications, Word would be a good example.

          If the list is strictly alphabetical, I have no clue. If the list is random, I would suspect an individual font problem.
          Where did the fonts that are not displayed come from? If the affected fonts came from one source...

          Frequently encountered problems with fonts


          David Anders
          The Computer Guy, Seattle

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            Fonts installed 519.

            No font managment software.

            Fonts avalible alphabetically.

            Just me as a user.

            Fonts avalible in all other apps including office.

            I can see fonts #Number to Kahootz Nippon and then nothing.

            If I edit a field in Mac then swicth back to PC the field will be in Times New Roman and will be in the pop down before I click but it isn't in the list and won't let me go back to that if I change it.

            This is very strange.

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              I suggest you look at these links and empty font caches with no applications open and an immediate restart.

              Google "windows font cache"

              Removing 50% of the fonts temporarily and adding back in groups is a long time font troubleshooting step.

              David Anders
              The Computer Guy, Seattle

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                So I downloaded Suitcase Fusion and using it in demo mode I deactivated 1 font at a time from the A's and low an behold a new font popped into the list in Filemaker in the K's.

                So the problem seems to be that Filemaker will not show all the fonts in the list but they are there waiting to be used.

                I would be very interested to know if anyone else has this problem.