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Fonts/Colours after Lion update (mac)!

Question asked by ArthurFriestad on Sep 18, 2011
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Fonts/Colours after Lion update (mac)!


Hi guys, English isn´t my primary langauge so this could probably have been explained better. Surprised


After upgrade til Lion "something" happened.


When I paste text from another source (web/word etc.) it keeps the font/size/colour where it came from. We have been using the same Database without this problem for years.

When I use the script command "paste" it´s OK and in the same format as the field on the layout.


Unders Prefs and Synchronize input... it doesn´t matter what I choose.


On a pc it´s working as supposed!


Is it a known Lion bug? I saw that some fonts problem where known.


Thanks in advance for any help!