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Fonts/format not working

Question asked by ahutler on Aug 3, 2010
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Fonts/format not working



My name is Elizabeth. I am starting a new blank layout in Filemaker Pro v. 11.

I go to insert an object (which is a word document in size 9 Arial font).

When I print, it always comes out as size 12.

Also, the doc. is a legal letter, how can I adjust the drafing table in the layout mode to accomidate this.

Thank you.

Sorry Phil,

I wasn't trying to confuse anybody. I was fearful that because I replied to my own post with the info. about what FM version I was using, that the post would be assumed to be answered and therefore, ignored.

When I am in the Layout Mode I have the layout selected as Blank Form, I go to Insert...Object...and select a Word document that is a legal size document on my desktop.

When it opens in the layout, I try to print this form and the font is size 12 arial (the document is size 9) also not all of the document fits, because of the size upgrade or what but eventhough my printer knows this is a legal size/i have the correct paper in, it only prints 2/3 of the document. The rest is cut off.

I would insert a screen shot, but I just found out that my laptop doesn't support that function.