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For All FileMaker Pro 11 Advanced developers/users

Question asked by garonson on Aug 24, 2011
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For All FileMaker Pro 11 Advanced developers/users


 I need to create a multipage report that frlow continuously (cascades) with page numbering from start to finish the pulls data and has data labels.  This report will have to have a front header page from the main database table, and a section, with different data and formatting for each of 14 other tables that store data.  The report is a daily report (used in Construction).  Each report in total contains contemporaneous data (records) from each of the 14 table where the records match the date of the report.  I can easly do this in InfoMaker, Crystal Reports, Access, and other ODBC/JBDC report writers.  But, I have found no way to accomplish this within FileMaker.  Each FileMaker report addresses data from only one table.  I cannot, as I see it, use a report database wherein I combine data from different tables.  The data is different and it must be arranged differently for each section to make sense and be a good communicating report.  I also need different fonts, font sizes, bold, underline abilities.

I had a long talk with Filemaker tech., but we were unable to come up with any way to produce this report.  So, I am putting this tackling problem out to all of you, smarted than I in InfoMaker to propose solutions.  I hope that someone has an answer.  If not I must discard all the work I have done. 

My contact info is and 602-992-5438,  Good luck! Gordon in Phoenix