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Force commit to make lookup in portal work

Question asked by GuyStevens on Aug 24, 2011
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Force commit to make lookup in portal work


I seem to be having the following problem.

I'm making an invoice for a rental company.
Some of the fields on the invoice layout are: "Start Date" and "End Date"
These get calculated into a "Amount of days" ("End Date" - "Start Date")
But because there can be weekend days there is also a text field "Actual Amount of Days" where you can manually type in the amount of days the items will need to be paid for.

Now I have a portal with "line items" and they have a lookup field that looks up the "actual amount of days" from the main layout.

What I noticed is that these days do not get filled out in the portal untill I hit "enter" in the "Actual Amount of Days" field on the main layout. And only then will I see them appear in my portal.

It's like I need to force commit this field in my layout for my lookup to work in my portal.
Just typing a value in there and hitting the tab doesn't seem enough.

Anyone any ideas?

I've heard suggestions like creating a script trigger to force the commit. But I haven't looked into scripting for Filemaker yet.

I will do so and when I figure it out I'll let you all know :)

Untill then, if anyone has any suggestions, feel free..

Thanks in advance.