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Question asked by miw on Mar 1, 2010




I am trying to write a field script trigger that requires a user to select information from a pull-down menu and not leave that data field blank (they must select a data point from the pull down list) before they can go to the next field in the layout (the next field being dependent on the selection made in the prior field).  What would a good script be for forcing an input, and would it be a script trigger for both OnObjectSave and OnObjectEnter?  Do I need some kind of loop to keep me in the same field until a pull-down data selection is made (if so, what's the script for that?).  Just using field validation I can make sure that this field cannot be empty, but it only checks for that when the record is committed and not before and thus I cannot acomplish moving to the next field which is dependent on the data selected in the required pull down list.  I thought this would be simple, but I can only get a script to work only partially; if I leave the pull down menu before making a selection, I can get the script to work the first attempt at leaving it blank and provide a warning that a selection must be made, however, any subsequent attempts allow me to leave the field blank before moving on to the next field, something that does not work since the next field is dependent on the prevous answer.