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Forcing a numeric input

Question asked by miw on Feb 6, 2009
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Forcing a numeric input


I have a field that is defined as "numeric only."  However, when I am in input mode on my layout and type text in the field, I get a Filemaker default message that asks if I want to keep the non-numeric value.  If I say yes, it records the non-numeric value in the record - totally defeating the "numeric only" requirement.  Any suggestions for a script I can use to avoid this default message so that a text input will not be accepted at all?  Ideally, this default message from FileMaker would not even appear as an option and I can write my own dialog screen demanding a numeric value only and reverting back to the field for a proper numeric input.  Since I have many such numeric only inputs, such script will be a test to deal with the current field subjected to modification (in other words I wouldn't want a script that demands I name a specific field each time; otherwise I would need to have multiple scripts specific to each field running the same test).