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    Forcing a Recalculation



      Forcing a Recalculation



      This question probably asked many times before:  Using Filemaker Pro 9 Advanced.

      Fieldx in Table 1 uses 7 other fields, 3 of which are related fields from Table 2. (The

      related fields in Table 1 cannot be edited and can only be changed from Table 2.)

         How can I force a recalculation of Fieldx in Table 1 whenever a related field in

      Table 2 is edited ?  Have tried the evaluate function and refresh without success.

      One thing that works is to toggle a value in Table 1 that is used by the calculation

      for Fieldx.  Thanks for your help.  CountryBoy1





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             It seems that Fieldx is NOT a calculation field, but rather a field with an auto-entered calculation. Change the field's type to Calculation - it will be automatically set to unstored and recalculate at every window refresh.
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            Thanks.  Making the field a calculation gives updates.  I guess that's

            the main difference between the two methods.  A "Calculation" field

            must always update itself whereas a field defined otherwise but

            containing a calculation may not. Your answer is the solution.

             Sincerely, CountryBoy1