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Forcing Calculation Refresh?

Question asked by MorkAfur on Jan 27, 2015
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Forcing Calculation Refresh?


I have a simple situation: a customer table and a job table.

I want to get the total $ of all the job $ entries in the job table. Therefore, I created an "x" relationship between customer and job.

Then, created a field with a calculation:


So far so good...

But, what happens is that after coming back to the main customer tab (in this case), this calculated field does not update with the new amount from the job just added. Screen Refresh doesn't work regardless of which of, or all, the checkboxes I pick.

If I manually click on the SUM field on the customer tab, THEN it updates.

I saw a thread from Phil back in 2012 so I'm hoping by now (three years later) there's a real way now to force a calculation to refresh.

I tried adding the screen refresh on the panelswitch event and the object load event, but nope. It's not until I either navigate away from the parent record for whom I added the job or deliberately click on the SUM field.


Thanks in advance for suggestions.

- m