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Foreign key and joined table

Question asked by gmfischer on Oct 29, 2014
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Foreign key and joined table


I was told here a couple of weeks ago to solve a problem of a many to many relationship with a joined table

I have a table with 3000 products, with a lot of data in it which include a reference to 5 separate manuals in a separate manual table I have a list of over 900 manuals with a field that is a url to it location on a website, it is simply part number field of the manual and a field of the URL

A single product can have multiple manuals named (parts, repair, operations, etc...) and a single manual could be used on several different products.

I have two tables with data already exist the products and the manuals I have created a third table as a joined table with a foreign key fields for products and manuals and have fields in both product and manuals that are primary field which I have given a serialized value in each. 

I can't seem to get my head around how to tie the two tables to the joined table using the primary and foreign fields so when I look up a particular product I want to see all the manuals that are used on that product and their corresponding URL.

My questions, how do I populate the foreign keys in the joined tables and connect the Manual numbers in the product table with the manual numbers in the manual table, sorry for my long winded question hope it gives you a clear picture of what I am looking for.