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Foreign key issue..

Question asked by Coolguy on Nov 25, 2009
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Foreign key issue..


I have two table one is Client information which contain ClinetID(primar key , genrated automatically),Name ,Adress,Mobile no

another table is Car Info which contain Client ID(primary key) ,Brand,Year,Service day,Time .

   I would like to  entry data from Single layout( need to enter client data & car info in single window).How can i peroform that.

Already created a calender and also created all time slot for Carinfo table(that means empty records are existing for car info which contains day & time for an year).Using realtion ship & "allow creation of record by using this realtion ship" will create a new reocrd. I dodnt want like this i need to like update the raw record . How can i perform that.


Please help me.


thanks in advance