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    Form Filter for Single Field Help



      Form Filter for Single Field Help


      Hello - I am looking for help on how to filter a table on two identical layouts.  I currently have a table with a field, "country" and then I have two identical layout forms - one for Canada and one for USA.  How could I filter this so that when the user clicks Canada, all of the Canada records display constrained and then vice versa for when the user clicks USA, it shows all records and re-filters for USA records.  I have tried the Find feature but can't automate this and I was hoping for some help.  Thank you in advance.

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          Both quick finds and Perform find can be scripted.

          But if the layouts are identical, why do you need two layouts?

          Just enter find mode, specify the country as your search criteria, perform the find and stay on the same layout. What you see on the screen, if the two layouts are identical, is exactly the same, but now you have one less layout to maintain.

          And the steps that I just indicated can be automated. As an example, you can add a global field to your layout and format it with a drop down list of countries. A script trigger on the field can perform a script that uses the data selected in this field as find criteria. This script can also switch to different layouts for different countries, but if the layout is identical, there is no need.

          For examples of this scripted find and others finds, see: Scripted Find Examples