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    Form Letter Help



      Form Letter Help


      I am trying to create a form letter that will use values from database.  I need a way of concetenating the trimmed database value with static text.  For example I have a person's name.  The number of characters will vary.  I want to concatenate this to text such as "will be your point of contact".


      If I layout the screen as follows


      Field Name will be your point of contact


      I will get more or less spacing between the field name and the text depending on the size.



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          You can use merge text or a calculation field that concatenates the two items and returns text.


          Merge fields:


          Enter layout mode and click the layout text tool.

          Click the spot on your layout where you want this.

          Choose Insert | Merge Field (ctrl-M in windows) and specify your field.

          Enter your layout text.

          Switch to browse mode and you are done.


          Text calculation field

          Fieldname & " will be your point of contact"

          Set it to return text and place it on your layout.