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Form problems

Question asked by MarkGores on Dec 3, 2014
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Form problems


I have a solution I'm building to record and store test data.  There is a

Jobs table that holds info for each job

Data Table that holds all of the data

Tech table that holds technician info

then a bunch of form tables for each type of testing.

Each form table is related to Jobs with a JobID and to the Data table with a TestID

In order to have the technician able to digitally sign a form, I set up a relationship between Jobs::pwGlobal and Tech::password.  Then set up a script that asks for the password (dialog box that has Jobs::pwGlobal as the input field) then sets the Form::TechID to the Tech::TechID from the look up.  It works fine on most of my forms, but on some the TechID doesn't populate once the password is entered. I can't find what is different about the relationships between the forms where it works versus those where it doesn't.

Any ideas?