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    Form View



      Form View


      How can I make my form views show multiple items per page? I am building a catalog style database, in which I would like to simulate as if I was flipping through a book... 


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          For print and preview purpose, you can use the printing tab to specify column printing.

          For Browse mode, WHat you show can be accomplished with a series of one row portals arranged in a row or in a grid. Portal Filters or the "initial row" property can be used to control which data appears in which one row portal.

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            Thanks, that worked perfectly!

            Also wondering if its possible to use multiple layouts per product category? Or another method to achieve below....

            For example:

            Page 1: Product Image Banner (specified by Category) (Intro Layout??)

            Page 2: Category A of products begin (Layout A??)

            Page 5: Another Product Image Banner (Intro Layout??)

            Page 6: Category B of products begin ( different sized images) (Layout B??)



            Thanks again!



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              Yes and no.

              You can create as many layouts as you need for your database, but all layouts based on the same products table will be able to list all products, not just those from a specific category. A script could perform a find to automatically pull up just the records for a specific category each time you enter a layout, however.

              But it might be simpler to set up a tab control with a tab panel for each category and a portal that only lists products for that category--or just one layout with controls for selecting a given product category where your "banner" updates to be consistent with the selected category.

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                Thanks for the reply.. I was experimenting with the tabs, and that looks like what I am trying to achieve, however I can't print each tab into a pdf... Is there a way to do this? Or is there a way to print multiple layouts as a group?

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                  At this point, it's not clear to me why you feel that you need more than one layout for this. It's possible to set up a layout where you can print any number of different product categories just by using that one layout to pull up different found sets of records.

                  You can also set up a summary report format where each category is grouped under a sub summary layout part serving as a 'sub head" for that category.

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                    Well ideally my goal is to have a workable file that catalogs all my product data and outputs it in a format that would look like a consumer booklet catalog. Pages are grouped into categories than showing multiple products sorted by their model. Using a single layout causes a lot of empty space when the quantity of items varies from page to page. If a product has only 1 model, than I would like to show a bigger image, relocate some blank spaces. The Tab/Slider options works, but its difficult to output to PDF for consumer. I guess outputting each tab and merging together might be an option.

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                      You can select a panel of a slide or tab control, via script or user selection and then print,

                      But you can also use multiple layouts as well and objects can be set to slide up to fill in unused space as well (but only for printing/saving as PDF.

                      And keep in mind that you can use a list view where row of products is on a different layout based record. You can then close up unused space by controlling how many records are used to display your products.