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    Form View Problems



      Form View Problems


      When I try to enter a new member record, there is already a name listed. Why?


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          Hard to tell for sure from that screen shot. I can see that you have 2 records in your found set so it is possible that the current record already has this data entered in the two name fields, but other possible explanations exist.

          What did you do just before you go this particular screenshot?

          What do you see in these fields when in layout mode?

          Are there any auto-enter options such as a looked up value setting on these fields?

          Is this file/table related to other files/tables? If so, could these fields be fields from the related file?

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            When I go to layout view, the name Mary McArdle is still listed. There is a separate file for Mary McArdle. Thanks.

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              When in layout mode, click on the "Mary McArdle" shown and see if it is layout text. If it is, you can just delete it. If it's layout text, you'll be able to double click the text and then be able to edit the text on the layout.

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                When I create a new cash receipt then click on Members, for some reason there are already receipts listed at the bottom. Also when I add a cash receipt to an existing record, it is not showing up in Form View. Thanks. 

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                  I see what appear to be three different layouts (Unless you have modified the layout shown in the first screen shot into that shown in the lower of your two more recently posted images). The layout and portal setup options could be different for each. To suggest anything further, I'll need to know what is selected in Layout Setup... | Show Records From and Portal Setup... | Show Related Records From for all three layouts. The names selected in these drop downs match exactly to the names of "table occurrence" boxes found in Manage | Database | Relationships or whatever that part of your system is called in your version of FileMaker.

                  Once we know that, we can take a closer look at each field specified as a "match" field in these relationships, their field options and their current values to see if we can debug this from there. Also, if you are clicking any buttons to do any part of this, I need to know what that button is set to do. If it Performs a script we may need to look at the script.

                  Also, what version of FileMaker do you have? It's not 10 or 11 or I would see the status area in a different part of the screen.

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                    There are only two different layouts pictured above. I have Version 6. How do I find Layout Setup? Thanks.

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                      Actually, a closer look at your first screen shot shows a file extension of .fp5, which indicates that you have FileMaker 5 or 5.5. (I don't have a copy of version 6 installed anywhere, but believe files used with that version had .fp6) You can confirm this by selecting the "about" option in the help menu. It's not a big deal with regards to this post as what I post in this reply should be pretty much the same for either version..

                      Given the many changes incorporated in the updates from 5 to 11, it's really vital that you let people know the version you are using or we may "help" you with information that does not work with your version.

                      You have three different layouts unless you have been editing them. I base that conclusion on the fact that your first screen shot shows the a button named "list" and the lower layout of your second screen shot does not show this button. The fields shown are completely different. Your version of Filemaker does not support actual tab controls so my best guess is that when you click the Form view or List view buttons, your system is changing layouts as well as views.

                      How do I find Layout Setup?

                      As I said in my last post, enter layout mode and select this option from the Layout Menu. This has not changed over the years like so many other features. To enter layout mode, select this option from the view menu. Likewise, you can still double click the bottom portion of the portal while in layout mode to open Portal Setup. In your version, the drop down is labeled "Show Records From" not "Show Related Records From".

                      You do not have Manage | Database i your system. Instead, you'll need to open Define Relationships in the File menu to see how the current file relates to the file used for the Portal's table.

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                        I do not see Show Records From when I go to Layout Setup. When I go to define relationships it says there are 16 relationships but none are listed. Please see below. 

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                          Hmm, that's right, in these older one table to a file systems, the show records from option is not needed as all layouts in the file refer to the same table and you have to change files in order to change tables.... Please pay attention to the file name that appears at the top of the screen and the files listed in your windows menu. This solution would appear to be based on more than one file and you have scripts that likely are switching you from file to file as needed. This can be confusing when you are trying to analyze how an unfamiliar system works.

                          Your view of Define Relationships is troubling. This is a very old version of FileMaker that you are using and this part of the system was extensively changed with the newer releases so I'm having to refresh my memroy as we go. If there are 16 relationships, they should be listed in this dialog. I can't find a reason why it would report 16 relationships but not list 16 entries for them. I have to wonder if your file is damaged in some way. You might try performing a recover on the file to see what happens. Recover on your version is much more limited when compared to using Recover on a current version and it's still not a good idea to use the recovered copy of the file but better to replace it with an undamaged backup copy if you have such a copy available and if you determine that the file was indeed damaged.

                          You should also double click the portals to see what is listed in Show Records From in Portal Setup... I've confirmed that this drop down is indeed present in your version of FileMaker.

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                            What are the portals you are referring to? I don't see a drop down. 

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                              See the area circled in Red. The scroll bar on the right indicates that this is a portal to a table in another file or possibly even the same file. It requires a relationship and this is why those missing relationships are so troubling here. That particular screen shot suggests that either your file is damaged or that I am failing to remember some detail to how these older files worked when it comes to defining relationships between files.

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                                OK. How do I perform a recover on the file?

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                                  What did you see when you opened Portal Setup?

                                  Launch Filemaker but do not open this file. Select Recover from the File menu. You'll get an open file dialog where you can select this file to recover it. If you are hosting the file with FileMaker Pro Server, get a copy down of the server copied to your workstation and recover it.

                                  Keep in mind that enough time has gone by since I worked with this old of a version that what looks to me like a damaged file might have a different explanation.

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                                    Is Layout Setup the same as Portal Setup? That was the last image I posted. 

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