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Form with preset options

Question asked by jla_1 on Nov 30, 2009
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Form with preset options


Edit: Maybe I got ahead of myself.  I need to create Packages for orders, such as Package Group 1 - Package A; Item 1, Item 2, etc... Package B; Item 1, Item 2, etc..., Package Group 2 - Package A; Item 1, Item 3, Package B; Item 1, Item 2, Item 3, etc...then on the preview layout for printing, have it print the packages at bottom depending on which Pkg Grp is designated for the found records.  My first problem is a logical way to create the Packages so that the user can select various items for that package.  Should I go with a table for the groups, then a table for packages with each records having; nameofpkg, item1, item2, item3 and tying them together with some auto serial?


I have a layout for printing order forms that contains an image and related field information.  At the bottom of the layout I would like to print order information, such as different products and items.  This form is just for printing and not data entry.  What I would like is to have some preset dropdown on a menu layout that would insert the order items for that particular group of individuals.  Eg:  Choose Price list A and on the layout form all the items are listed, choose Price list b and all items show up and print for that.  Ultimately what I envision on the menu is a 'choose default price list', then 'goto order form' and it previews with the image and related price list on the bottom.  What is the best way to lay out the table/fields for this?