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Form within a form

Question asked by PaulProudman on Jan 8, 2014
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Form within a form


     Hi guys, please can you help, I have filemaker pro 12. I am creating a treatment form for myself. But want to know if it is possible to do following.

     I create a new record for a client. I put contact details in as a header, this doesn't change.

     I have created a portal field which is used for each time the client comes back and has a treatment I am able to type in the details i.e date, cost per treatment etc. i would now like to have a button that creates a new consent form that they digitally sign on an iPad (which I can do). However my problem is this:

     I have created a button to create a new form to sign that takes me to the form with the signature, but it won't let me create a new form each time for each new section within the portal. All that happens is that it takes me to the same filled in form created on the very first treatment.

     So roughly this is what I want, Client form with address at top, portal for each treatment, each new treatment within portal then links to a form for them to fill in.

     Hope you can help been trying for days