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Form: Selecting records based on 2 dropdown boxes

Question asked by ryan9721 on Jan 26, 2011
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Form: Selecting records based on 2 dropdown boxes


Hi all,

I've been looking through the forums/Google and have  found people with similiar questions to mine, but so far I haven't come  across the right solution (or perhaps I just didn't understand). I've  been working on this for way to long, so any help would be appreciated!


I have this table:
Contacts (CustomerID, Company, ContactName, Address, Phone, Email, Time Zone)

CustomerID  is the Primary Key. I have 1000+ records in this table. Multiple  records exist with the same Company value (multiple contacts within one  organization). I would like to create a form with the following functionality:

- The user selects a Company from a dropdown. Based upon this selection, the form populates  the Contact dropdown with all contacts (ContactName) within that  organization.

- The user selects a Contact from a dropdown.

- Based  upon the Company and ContactName selected, the form displays all information  associated with that record (Address, Phone, etc.).  This information could be edited and the table updated from the form.


This seems like it should be easy to do...thanks in advance for your help!