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Format "Size" issue with Looked-up Value

Question asked by kaykatey on Jul 13, 2011


Format "Size" issue with Looked-up Value


I am having an issue with the format of looked up values.  I am currently running fmp9 and have used 7 & 8 in the past.   I have an invoice screen in which I use looked up values for products.    So basically I have   Database (A)  which is a list on my products/codes/pricing, and Database (B)  which is my invoicing screen.   In DB (A)  I have some items which I have manually changed the Size format to a smaller font to fit within the fields size.   In the past, the manually format change in DB(A) has always carried over to  DB (B) during the lookup process, but no longer does.  

Is there anyway to fix this?   Any help would be much appreciated.