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Format an address field

Question asked by Epa on Oct 26, 2012
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Format an address field


     I have a field called Table1:Address.  It is used in a portal where a user will type directly into the portal field.  Is there any way to format it so the user will see a pre populated template.  For example, when a user clicks on this field, I want the following to display (or perhaps a validation, which I will create a custom message for?)

     Address 1: "User would type here"

     Address2: "User would type here"

     City: "User would type here"

     State:   "User would type here"        Postal Code: "User would type here"

     Hope this makes sense.  I set up a database using ONLY portals for data entry (like a dashboard), and separate fields for each address line (address 1, address, 2 , city, etc) will take up too much space in the portal).