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Format number as months and days

Question asked by ChristopherKessler on Aug 5, 2014
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Format number as months and days


     I have an "age" field that is a number calculation based on the current date and an animal's date of birth. I would like to have this field be the number result of this calculation so animals can be searched for by age, but I would like it to be displayed as "Months" and "Days". For instance, if an animal was born two and a half months ago, this field's value would be ~75, but I would like it to display "2m 15d" or something similar when viewed. Is this possible, or would the better approach be to simply duplicate the field and have it calculate the months and days as text? I can do this, but would prefer to have it all be in one field, similar to how dates are in the format mm/dd/yyyy, but you can have FMP display them in any format.