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    Format Selected Text



      Format Selected Text


           I have a text field that usually contains several hundred words.  I would like the user to be able to format selected words simply by click on them and not click drag and select a color.

           I can get the proper desired selection of a word using a script but I cannot figure out how to then re-color the selected word within the field.  Any ideas?

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               Presumably your script determines the start and end of the clicked word. (that's how I do it anyway...) If so, then you can use textformatting functions to apply a text format to just the clicked word in an expression such as this example that changes the style to Bold:

               Left ( TextField ; $Start - 1 ) & TextstyleAdd ( Middle ( TextField ; $Start ; $End - $Start + 1 ) ; bold ) & Right ( TextField ; Length ( TextField ) - $End )