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    Formating a pop-up menu



      Formating a pop-up menu


      This ought to be an easy one...

      I am trying to format a Popup menu so that it looks just like all the other regular edit fields when not selected.  I can to this with drop down menus, but popups seem to have a different look no matter what I try.  Again, this formatting would apply when the user is just looking at the  inactive fields, not clicking in them.



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          What kind of value list? Custom Values? Values from a table?


          What formats aren't working for you?


          I've tried this in FMP 10, WIndows XP and can't replicate the problem.


          I applied upper case, bold, word underline to the field and set the field up as a popup menu. Both custom value and table values displayed with the specified text formats.


          Perhaps there is text formatting in the text actually entered in the field? Create a new blank record, use the pop-up menu to enter the text and see if formats applied to the field while in layout mode correctly format the text you see.

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            You are correct that pop-ups do not look normal, radcon.  They always apply an embossed look and it's something we have been trying to get FM to fix for years.  Set Pen and Fill Patterns to transparent (top left selection in grid) on the pop-up and, if your other fields have a fill color or effect, you will need to create a rectangle or button and create the effect or fill color there.  Then place this pop-up field on top of it.


            UPDATE:  Yes, it is irritating.  :smileyhappy:

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                 I think I can do that LaRetta;  I thought I had tried the settings as you suggested, but I will try again Monday and let everyone know just how irritating it is.   My other fields have a nice clean chiseled look, and as you said, the pop up has a raised offset look.