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    Formating numbers



      Formating numbers


      I am using Filemaker 10.0v3 on a MacBook Pro OS 10.6.3.


      I want to be able to enter a series of numbers and force a specific format to them.


      Example: Enter 123456789, Show 12.345.678-9.


      How do I do this?


      Thank you.

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          Formatting a number field the way you show, means it must be a text field.

          Is the number of digits constant?

          One way would be to use a number field, verified to contain the required number of digits.

          The formatted (text) field would be calculated with left, middle, and right with the symbols inserted.

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            Yes. The number of characters is constant. There is no real reason that it has to be a number field though, since there is never any need to calculate anything.

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              This expression would serve:


              Let ( n = Filter (yourfield ; "0123456789") ; Left ( n ; 2 ) & "." & Middle ( n ; 3 ; 3 ) & "." & Middle ( n ; 6 ; 3 ) & "-" & Right ( n ; 1 ) )


              You could even set this up as an auto-entered calculation with "self" in place of "yourfield" on your original data field, just be sure to clear the "do not replace existing value..." check box if you do.