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    Formating Text and Numbers



      Formating Text and Numbers



      Is there a way that FM formats Text? We're 2 users, one os x and one windows, and if the Windows User enters data (specially with copy/paste) FM shows a different Font. Is there no way to tell FM to always use the same font, no matter what font is used to enter data?

      And by copy/paste FM sometimes adds a blank line, is there no way that the field is restricted to 1 line only??


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          FM does not add a blank line, but your copied text might contain a space or a return character.

          This auto-enter calculation can be set up on your text field:

          TextFormatRemove ( Substitute ( Trim ( self ) ; ¶ ; "" ) )

          Be sure to clear the "do not replace existing values..." check box.

          Trim removes leading and trailing space characters. Substitute removes any return characters and TextFormatRemove removes any text formatting in the copied data so that the text format options you specify for the field while in layout mode are what will control the appearance of the pasted text.