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Formats in E-mail Not Sticking

Question asked by RobertMellette on Jan 25, 2015
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Formats in E-mail Not Sticking


This issue is driving me crazy.

I have a solution that, among other things, writes e-mails to filmmakers who have submitted to our film festival.

For filing purposes, I have the e-mail "written" in a layout, then sent via Mac Mail, where I can add a signature with pretty hyperlinks.

The problem I'm having is that the formatting I use with TextStyleAdd doesn't copy over to Mac Mac.  I want to make titles italic, and the client wants one section in bold.  They look fine in FMP, but they are just plain text in Mac Mail.

When I copy and paste manually, the bold formatting works, but italics doesn't.

I have made sure that the fonts in both programs is the same.

I'm stuck.  HELP!