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Formatted email

Question asked by jmmx on Jun 3, 2010
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Formatted email


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My client needs to send formatted emails that contain text such as:


Work site:      Off Site


The easy way would be to may a layout with all the text and data and send this to the email. Unfortunately, all the text formatting gets lost when I do this. I can generate a pdf, but she wants it in the body of the msg not an attachment.


It seems that FMP 10 is not capable of doing what I need, so I created an elaborate system of a mini-interpreter to copy all the formatted data into an "email msg" table and the copy the msg body into the clipboard, call up the email client, and she then pastes into the message. But this is not a great solution, and is problematic.




FMP 10 does not appear to be able to send a formatted layout to an email message -


>> Can FMP 11 do this?


Thank you.