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Formatting a Calculated Date Time Field

Question asked by KennethHibberd on Oct 1, 2013
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Formatting a Calculated Date Time Field


     Hello all,


     I am getting my rear end kicked here trying to format an output of something that I am sure is simple.  It is likely that a function of script would be easier.  That I do not know.

     I need to output a value into a field using calculation.  That value is formatted as so:

     DayHourMinSecMonthYear  So right now is 02 October 2013 08:02:45 hours.  I want the output to be as  020802451013 so all output needs to be two digits.  I have a good calc created but the format is not two digits.


     Day(Get(CurrentDate)) & Hour(Get(CurrentTime)) & Minute(Get(CurrentTime)) & Seconds(Get(CurrentTime)) & Month(Get(CurrentDate)) & Year(Get(CurrentDate))

     This outputs 2802451013  making it confusing.  My output must always be the same number of digits every time.


     What am I missing here?