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Formatting a Field

Question asked by Dr.D on Aug 12, 2009
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Formatting a Field


I am running into difficulty to get a formula to work properly, please offer your wisdom to help !!!


Field Name = Total Score

Type = Calculation


The formula works fine -> Sum CS + Sum FM + Sum LM + Sum C + Sum QC + Sum F

It correctly sums up the Total Score...



However when I tried to build one more test, by doing


Case ( Sum CS + Sum FM + Sum LM + Sum C + Sum QC + Sum F ;

Score C1 = "No" ; Total Score = 0 ; )


This does not work...


What I am trying to do is, Total Score is the sum of those fields, however if the data in Score C1 is select as " No " then, no matter what the score of the others, Total Score should result in 0...


Could someone please offer a solution, please and thanks !!!!!!!